One of the best amenities Nouvelle offers is its prime location less than a half-mile from the Tysons Corner Metro Station, served by the Silver Line. The Silver Line provides a direct ride to Washington D.C., Reston, Arlington, and many more hotspots throughout the region. Whether you commute with Metrorail or use it to efficiently get around on the weekends, it’s a great way to get beyond your neighborhood in Tysons.

Check out WAMTA’s website for fares, schedules, and more information. Or download our local transportation map here to see the locations of our local Metro stations.

Check out some of these great destinations just a short Metro ride away from Tysons Corner Metro Station:

METRO CENTER 30 minutes

BALLSTON 13 minutes


NAVY YARD 50 minutes

DUPONT CIRCLE 40 minutes

Metrorail System Map Graphic